Let me answer some questions... Why you should use a Disney Expert to book your trip (even if you th

Long gone are the days when you decide to go to Disney World without doing some kind of planning or reservations such as dining, fast passes, character meals... Or

What hotel is best for me? Which park to visit on which day? Base Tickets? Hopper Tickets? When is it the best time to go? Its is all very overwhelming and confusing! Usually nowadays people who decide they can just wing it will usually end up spending more money than if they had planned months in advance or sometimes even a year! One approach to ensure you have the most up and coming information and the best value for your next Disney trip is to contact a Travel Agent specializing in Disney knowledge. I have been traveling to the Walt Disney World for over twenty years and have a vast knowledge of all that Walt Disney World Resort has to offer inside and outside of the parks.

My passion for Disney, attention to detail, time management skills, and overall knowledge of the Wonderful World of Disney, through both my own personal experience and my Disney College of Knowledge training, will enable me to help you have the most memorable, magical Disney Vacation you can possibly dream of. Send me an e-mail or give me a call and we can start making your dreams come true!

Let me answer the most common asked questions.

1. Why should I use a travel agent when I can do it myself online?

First I will tell you right out of Cinderella's carraige ... There is no difference in price if you book directly online or if you were to book through me. Disney will pay us a small commission based on your Package. This commission is built into every Disney Package. Even if you do your own booking and planning directly thru Disney (Disney just keeps the commission). So you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. You can absolutely book your own trip online and never have any issues, but there is so much to do and see... I did that before I ever became a travel agent. I was exhausted from all the different information I was reading and wasn't even sure if any of it was correct. So many things to plan and that's where I come in... why wouldn’t you want an “expert” to help you?

°o° I have an extensive understanding of Disney’s different Promotions. My clients become top priority when Disney releases a new Promotion. I know all the ways to help save your family money without sacrificing the Disney Quality.

°o° I have first hand knowledge of all Disney property’s and know all the advantages and disadvantages of each Resort.

°o° I will set up your My Disney Experience account and also set up and reserve all your dining reservations (I have experienced 65 different restaurants on property). I will set up FastPass+ and even have a good success rate getting the hard to get FastPass+.

°o° I will create you a specific Itinerary based on your family's needs. This helps you navigate all that comes with Disney.... from what Parks to go to on what days, and even what rides to ride in what order to minimize your family standing in line.

°o° You might find all of the answers you need online, but it could take a while, and then you still are never 100% certain you are getting the most up to date information from certain sources. I give you a personal service that is not something you can get from just online looking.

2. How much will it cost my family of to go to Disney World?

Unfortunately this is just not a question I can answer right off the top my magical head! There are a lot of different scenarios to consider because every experience is different, in as much as every family is different. I will take all your information and we can work together to try and figure out what is the most economical way for you to get to the most magical place on earth! Some things I would need to know to get started with some quotes for you:

°o° Dates of Travel: Check in & Check out dates.

°o° How many adults are traveling? How many children traveling? Ages?

°o° Value, Moderate or Deluxe resort. Or if you have a resort in mind?

°o° If you will be needing airfare? Airport?

°o° Park Tickets: 1 park a day or Hopper? Water Parks?

°o° Dining Plan: - Quick Service (2 QS meals & snacks pp/night) - Regular Plus Dining (1TS, 1QS & 2 snack pp/night) *Regular Plus Dining recommended if doing character meals. °o° Budget: <$2000; $2000-$4000; $4000-$6000

One of the greatest things about being your travel agent is helping fulfill your family’s individual and unique dreams on your vacation. 3. Is the Disney Dining Plan worth it?

I absolutely LOVE the Disney Dining Plan! Do you need to get it... no you don't. However, I always highly recommend the dining plan! I find there is no more economical way to eat while on Disney World property. Here are some of the best reasons why I love the Disney Ding Plan!

°o° There are around 140 restaurants at Walt Disney World to choose from, including at the Resorts, Disney Springs and the parks themselves.

°o° All-Inclusive Budget! Paid in full before your trip starts! When your food is pre-paid, it can make your trip more fun

when ordering isn't about checking prices so closely and worrying about the tab.

°o° Saves you money when used correctly! You can save at least 15% vs. paying as you go. That’s where a good travel planner is a must! I will help you with restaurant selections to maximize your savings, schedule and experiences. I have visited at least 65 restaurants in Disney and have tons of dining expertise to share with you!

°o° Lots of flexibility! With three plans to choose from (Quick-Service Dining Plan, Disney Dining Plan, Deluxe Dining Plan) you can match your family’s eating habits with a plan that fits.

°o° Character Dining is an absolute must do at least once during your Disney World trip! With your regular Dining Plus Plan you can use your Table-Service meal for character dining as well. The cost of one character dinner is around the same as the average per-night cost of the dining plan.

°o° Also included with your DDP is the Resort-Refillable Drink Mug! Guests are entitled to unlimited free refills on fountain drinks, coffee, and tea from self-service beverage locations at Disney resorts for their length of stay. The resort-refillable drink mug would cost about $16.99 per person for your length of stay if purchased separately, which for families, adds up!

So while you are on vacation and enjoying all of the magic, you are not having to spend any thoughts about how much you are spending on your breakfast, lunch or dinner tomorrow. You are truly free to sit back, relax soak in the magic, and enjoy your vacation!

4. When is it the best time to go to Disney World?

The number one best time of year to go to Disney World is probably the end of October/first of November. This is before “Jersey Week,” which is the week after November elections. Another great time to plan a vacation with low crowds is after school starts in September or the end of February/first of March.


°o° January (2nd and 4th weeks) Cooler weather

°o° February (beginning of the month) Cooler weather

°o° September (anytime after Labor Day). Hotter weather

°o° November (last week after Thanksgiving)

°o° December (First 2 weeks)

°o° Visit my other blog page for 7 Least Crowded Times to Visit Walt Disney World


°o° January to mid-February (best rates of the year).

°o° July, August & September is summer value season.

A good rule of thumb is to stay away from holidays and when major vacations happen for schools.

5. How early should I book my Disney World Vacation?

The soon the better! As soon as you know you would like to book I would advise getting your reservation even if it's a year out. With just a $200 deposit we can book the reservation. Then we can begin the planning... Dining, fast passes, magical extras etc... I will send you all my dining & character experiences. Disney lets you book your dining reservations 180 days (6 months) prior to your trip. When you book with me, I make sure I call Disney at six a.m. on your 180 day mark and do my best to reserve all of your first choices. Very popular restaurants, like Be Our Guest, will fill up even four or five months before your trip, so there is a very huge likelihood there will be no more availability. Along those same lines, if you want to vacation during a busy time or a “crowd favorite” time, locking in your room and room rates are another reason to remember booking early is a big plus. On the flip side.... If you are happy with whatever dining reservations I can get and not to worried about the highly popular activities then by all means you can book your vacation as long as there is availability.

6. How can I score one of those promotions for my Vacation?

Waiting for discounts can be a double edged sword. Don’t book early relying on a discount! If you truly cannot budget for the price that Disney is offering then it makes sense to try and wait for one to see if you can afford it. However, Disney has been gradually tapering off their discounts probably because they have plenty of bookings. Since they will offer what they want to offer and there is no way to know what or how much they will offer, don’t let a potential discount stop you from booking something you wanted to book.

Everyone always hopes for Free Dining in the fall or the Stay, Play and Dine for the spring is another popular promotion. When a promotion comes out, if you decide to book then, you might not have the six months prior to plan everything out. So, booking early gives us the opportunity to plan out an itinerary. If we can get all of that set up and have everything in line, then as soon as a promotion comes out and I can apply it to your vacation, you have won twice. You have had the time to plan everything and get exactly what you want AND a discounted trip.

9. How much do you charge for your services?

My world-class concierge services are 100% FREE. Every destination I sell has a commission already built into their rates, regardless if you book online or through an agent. If you book through Disney’s website, they get the commission. If you book through me, I get it. BUT, you still pay the same price as if you’d went through Disney. The real difference between booking through them and booking through an agent like me is the level of service after the sale you receive: that world-class concierge service. I’m not happy until you’re happy. One of the most unique things about this service is the way in which agents get paid. We don’t get our commission payments until after you have traveled. This allows us to really focus on making sure that you have the best vacation possible. We really do earn our keep. I genuinely feel like I’ve failed if a guest doesn’t book with me again, because it means that I didn’t provide that amazing level of service. More than anything, I cherish the handwritten notes I receive from my clients, thanking me for my service and professionalism. When you initially contact me for a quote, you may be a stranger, but by the time you return from your trip, you’re part of my family. And you can count on that level of service every time you book with a vacation planner like me. I would love to help you make a magical vacation to the Walt Disney World Resort… all you need is a little pixie dust and Mickey Vacations! Click Here for a No-Obligation quote

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