Top Ten Uses For Your Disney Dining Plan Snack Credits

Depending on your dining plan, you either have one or two snack credits per person for each night of your stay. Planning how you and your family will use these credits is more difficult than table or quick service credits, but with some planning you can get some great values.

First of all, be wise about what you use a snack credit on. You may be tempted to get a soda or maybe a bag of chips, but trust me there are better options and values out there. Free ice water is available at all locations that have a beverage fountain, so if you see people walking away with cups rather than bottles there is free water available there. You can also get a bottle of water in place of your dessert.

So what are these better values? The basic rule to follow here is anything that normally costs $4 or more is worth getting, but there’s no need to stick to this all the time. Get snacks your family likes and don’t stress out over finding the best value for your snack credit. If you find yourself with extra snack credits to use on the last day of your visit I suggest getting souvenirs to bring home. Candy from around World Showcase makes a cool gift anyone would enjoy!

Below are the top ten ways to use your snack credit. Some items are a great value for your money, some are unique eats worth trying, and all are delicious!

10. Cheesy Pesto Bread

The cheesy pesto bread ($5.29) offered at the Landscape of Flavors food court at the art of Animation food court is one of the best uses for a snack credit. The Ciabatta bread topped with pesto and bubbling mozzarella is basically two slices of French bread pizza, and is enough food to be a meal. By making a meal of cheesy pesto bread you can save yourself a table or quick service credit!

9. Sushi That’s right, you can get sushi for a snack credit now! A California roll and a combo are on the menu of Kabuki Cafe in Japan at Epcot. They all cost $4.98 and come with three or four pieces depending on which you get.

8. Bakery Items

I recommend hitting up Starring Rolls (don’t wait too long though – they close at 4pm!), Kusafiri, and Karamel Kuche for bakery items. Starring Rolls at Hollywood Studios and Kusafiri at Animal Kingdom both have irresistible specialty cupcakes. Karamel Kuche in Germany at Epcot meets all your caramel cravings and more! Great deals can be found on many items in the bakeries around Disney, just remember that any item above $4 is a good value for your snack credit.

7. Funnel Cake

Funnel cakes are offered throughout Disney World and coming in at $6.50 are an attractive use of a snack credit. Note that only the powdered sugar or cinnamon sugar variety are snack credit eligible.

6. Ice Cream

One of the best ways to beat the Florida heat is to enjoy some ice cream! All ice cream at the Plaza Ice Cream Parlor in Magic Kingdom is a snack credit. This is great news from both a nostalgic and monetary point of view. Chowing down on a sundae while waiting for a parade is just a quintessential Disney experience! As far as getting the most bang for your snack-credit-buck, sundaes at the Plaza Ice Cream Parlor are near the top of the list coming in at $5.39 a pop. Ice cream cookie sandwiches have recently been added to the menu at the Plaza Ice Cream Parlor for $5.29, and this delicious treat is also available at Sleepy Hollow near the entrance to Liberty Square in Magic Kingdom. 5. Starbucks When Disney remodeled the beloved Main Street Bakery to serve Starbucks there was a mixed reaction amongst fans. Some were angered, others were happy that they’d finally be able to get some drinkable coffee at Disney. Regardless of how you feel about the Starbucks addition, there are some stellar deals to be found here. ANY drink on the Starbucks menu is snack credit eligible. That includes those $5.49 Venti sized Frappuccino that can definitely be shared by two people. A stop at the Main Street Bakery is a great breakfast option between coffee, smoothies, and baked goodies for only a snack credit.

4. Dole Whips, zebra dome, and Lefou’s Brew! Oh, my!

What do these three beloved goodies have in common? They’re all Disney fan favorites available for just a snack credit! Aloha Isle in Magic Kingdom’s Adventureland seriously has a cult following in the Disney community for their Dole Whip. You can order either the traditional soft serve Dole Whip for $3.99 or a float version for $4.99. I’m partial to the float version, plus it’s a better value for your snack credit. Dole Whips are also available at Captain Cook’s in the Polynesian.

Zebra domes are less well known, but after having one you’ll understand why these are also a fan favorite. Once only available at Boma, they are now available at The Mara as a five pack for around $4.19. Trust me, these are definitely worth the trip over to Animal Kingdom Lodge.

LeFou’s Brew ($4.49) is a subject of much debate among Disney guests as some people love it and some people hate it. Most compare it to Universal’s extremely popular Butterbeer with a fruity twist. The only place to get one to try for yourself is Gaston’s Tavern in New Fantasyland.

3. Pretzels

Pretzels are available throughout Disney World and are an excellent use for your snack credit as they cost between $4 and $5 depending on where you get them. Pretzels at Disney World come in several varieties including salted, Mickey shaped, cream cheese filled, or jalapeno cheese flavored. I know from personal experience that these pretzels can definitely hold you over if you have a long time between meals, or if you aren’t super hungry can act as a meal.

2. Small meals around The World

With some planning you can conserve precious table service credits by making meals out of snack credits. I’ve found the best way to do this is to use table service credits at unconventional times so that they can act as two meals (i.e. early dinner/ late lunch), and a snack credit can be used as a lighter meal before the larger table service meal. Try having soup at Sunshine Seasons or Be Our Guest, or maybe a baked potato at Liberty Square Market. I’ll admit that I’ve made chili cheese fries a meal a few times before too. A curry chicken pocket at Joy of Tea in China or chicken fried rice at Anandapur Local Food Cafes are more interesting uses for your snack credit.

1. Food & Wine

If you are lucky enough to be visiting Disney World from late September to early November, look no further for your snack credit usage. Booths are set up around World Showcase featuring food and drinks from various countries. Items at the booths during this event can be around $6 or $7 each. All food items are snack credit eligible, however alcohol is not.

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