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Be Our Guest Restaurant (B,L,D)

BOG - Breakfast Menu - QS

BOG - Lunch Menu - QS

BOG - Dinner Menu 

The Crystal Palace (B,L,D)
(Character Dining Buffet)

CP - Breakfast Menu

CP - Lunch Menu

CP - Dinner Menu

The Diamond Horseshoe (L,D)
Horseshoe - Lunch
Horseshoe - Dinner
Jungle Navigation Co. Ltd
Skipper Canteen (L,D)

Canteen - Lunch Menu
Canteen - Dinner Menu

Liberty Tree Tavern (L,D)

LTT - Lunch Menu

LTT - Dinner Family Style Menu

The Plaza Restaurant (B,L,D)
Plaza Rest - Breakfast

Plaza Rest. - Lunch Menu

Plaza Rest. - Dinner Menu

Tony’s Town Square Restaurant (L,D)

Tony's - Lunch Menu

Tony's - Dinner Menu

MK Signature Dining (2 credits pp)

Fairytale Dining at Cinderella’s Royal Table (B,L,D)(Character Dining)
CRT - Breakfast Menu

CRT - Lunch Menu

CRT - Dinner Menu
Be Our Guest Restaurant (D)

BOG - Dinner Menu - TS (Character Dining, Beast only)

Akershus Royal Banquet Hall (B,L,D)
(Princess Storybook Character Dining)

Akershus - Breakfast Buffet Menu

Akershus - Lunch Buffet Menu

Akershus - Dinner Buffet Menu

Biergarten Restaurant (L,D)

Biergarten - Lunch Buffet Menu

Biergarten - Dinner Buffet Menu

Chefs de France (L,D)

Chefs - Lunch Menu

Chefs - Dinner Menu

Coral Reef Restaurant (L,D)

Coral Reef - Lunch Menu

Coral Reef - Dinner Menu
The Garden Grill (B,L,D)
(Chip ‘n’ Dale Character Dining)

GG - Breakfast Menu

GG - Lunch Menu

GG - Dinner Menu
La Hacienda de San Angel (D)

La Hacienda - Dinner Menu

Nine Dragons Restaurant (L,D)

Nine Dragons - Lunch Menu

Nine Dragons - Dinner Menu

Restaurant Marrakesh (L,D)

Marrakesh - Lunch Menu

Marrakesh - Dinner Menu

Rose & Crown Dining Room (L,D)

R & C - Lunch Menu

R & C - Dinner Menu

San Angel Inn Restaurante (L,D)

San Angel Inn - Lunch Menu

San Angel Inn - Dinner

Spice Road Table (L,D)

Spice Road - Lunch Menu

Spice Road - Dinner Menu

Teppan Edo (L,D)

Teppan - Lunch Menu

Teppan - Dinner Menu

Tokyo Dining (L,D)

Tokyo Dining - Lunch Menu

Tokyo Dining - Dinner Menu

Tutto Italia Ristorante (L,D)

Tutto - Lunch Menu

Tutto - Dinner Menu

Via Napoli Ristorante e Pizzeria (L,D)

Via Napoli - Lunch Menu

Via Napoli - Dinner Menu


EP Signature Dining (2 credits pp)

Le Cellier Steakhouse (L,D)

 Le Cellier - Lunch Menu

Le Cellier - Dinner Menu

Monsieur Paul (D)
Monsieur - Dinner Menu

ABC Commissary
ABC - Dinner Menu

50’s Prime Time Café (L,D)

50's Prime Time - Lunch Menu

50's Prime Time - Dinner Menu

Hollywood & Vine (B,L,D)
B- (Disney Junior Play ‘n Dine Character Dining)
L & D - (Minnie’s Seasonal Character Dining)

H & V - Breakfast Buffet Menu

H & V - Lunch Buffet Menu

H & V - Dinner Buffet Menu

Mama Melrose’s Ristorante Italiano (L,D)

Mama Melrose - Lunch Menu

Mama Melrose - Dinner Menu

Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater Restaurant (L,D)

Sci-fi - Lunch Menu

Sci-fi - Dinner Menu


HS Signature Dining (2 credits pp)

The Hollywood Brown Derby (L,D)

Brown Derby - Lunch Menu

Brown Derby - Dinner Menu

Pizzafari Family-Style Dining
Pizzafari - Dinner Menu

Rainforest Cafe® (B,L,D)

Rainforest - Breakfast Menu

Rainforest - Lunch Menu

Rainforest - Dinner Menu

Restaurantosaurus Burgers & Sundaes (D)
Restaurantosaurus - Dinner Menu


 Tusker House Restaurant (B,L,D)
(Donald’s Character Dining)

Tusker House - Breakfast Buffet Menu

Tusker House - Lunch Buffet Menu

Tusker House - Dinner Buffet Menu

Yak & Yeti™ Restaurant (L,D)

Yak Yeti - Lunch Menu

Yak Yeti - Dinner Menu


AK Signature Dining (2 Credits pp)
Tiffins (L,D)
Tiffins - Lunch Menu
Tiffins - Dinner Menu

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